Summary of the Economic Mission in Russia conducted by Jean Charest

The economic mission of Jean Charest in Russia in december 2009 was successfully concluded by a declaration of cooperation with the Mayor of Moscow, Yuri Luzhkov, aimed at developing bilateral relations between Quebec and Moscou. The leaders expressed their desire to build closer economic, cultural and educational relations, in particular through the exchange of experts and knowledge.

As one of the common issues between Quebec and Russia is the development of the Northern territories, Jean Charest took the advantage of his travel to present the Quebec Northern Plan. During numerous conferences and seminars on this subject, our Manager Antoine Monnier shared his work experience with the Canadian First Nations and agreed on the further collaboration with government representatives of the Siberian regions.

We are presently working on collaboration projects with autochthon ethnic groups of Chukotka – a region situated on the North of the Far-East, known for diamonds, gold, gas and petrol but also for numerous telecommunication problems such as link congestion, slow Internet connection, low bandwidth, etc. The Soleica team proposed to develop adapted IT solutions to all these issues! With the help of the Russian government, we intend to apply our know-how for this region and to give the possibility for the local people to communicate ‘in real time’ with the rest of the world!