Canadian Great North Honored at the Northern Lights Festival 2010!

It was a pleasure for Soleica to participate in the Northern Lights Festival that took place from February 27th till February 30th, 2010.

Soleica team managed not only to meet its major clients came from Nunavik for the occasion, but also to establish contacts with some organisations from Nunavut and Labrador / Nunatsiavut.

The first evening of the Festival was marked by a splendid gala reception that pleased the guests with delicious meal, the most heart-felt greetings from Nunavik, Nunavut and Labrador / Nunatsiavut representatives, and a remarkable circus show, perfectly fit into the atmosphere of this soiree, full of amazing and magical moments.
We were quite a few to represent Soleica during the event; our booth was placed in an aisle of some other North-passionate organisations who we were really pleased to share work experience with!

Some words about the general spirit of the Northern Lights Festival:

The Northern Lights festival is above all a fesival of the human spirit. It shapes the idea of valorising the regions of Nunavut, Nunavik and Labrador/ Nunatsiavut.

It is also a unique platform for creating or strengthening the relationships among the Northern regions, to make the Northern regions meet the Southern ones, to show the possibilities of collaboration and exchange of know-how inventions, with emphasis on regional culture and traditions.
We hope to contribute to optimization of these attachments and to discover more about each region, about each ethnic group enjoying the sustainability of our present and future relationships!

Some words from our manager Antoine Monnier:

“Personally, I believe that the Northern Lights Festival was a unique occasion for us to meet at the same time and at the same place all Soleica clients. This Festival marked by the vivid colors of the Crie, Inuit and Innu peoples, gave us a privilidge to establish promising professional contacts. I also retain an exeptional growing of the Canadian Great North and the inumerous possibilities for the econimic development in the regions that offer their welcome only to those who can understand and respect the people living there”

Some words from our Communication Officer for the Russian Market, Olga Viallet:

"I did enjoy the festival and I think it was a really good opportunity for Soleica to make new contacts in the sphere of our work in Russia!

During the conferences of January 30th ,2010, our manager Antoine Monnier and I met numerous interlocutors who are interested in our projects of collaboration with the Siberian autochthone ethnic groups! It was especially remarkable to talk to Belinda Webb from the Inuit Tapiriit Kanatami who suggested that we meet in Ottawa in order discuss some details of our forthcoming business trip to Russia. Thanks to a helpful assistance of Cecilia Sithembile Silundika from the Northern Affairs Organization, whom we met during the Festival, Soleica will participate in an international Roundtable in Toronto in March 2010 that will help us explore new strategies for promoting business linkages between Canada and the North of Russia!"