Wireless Network Extension in the North of Quebec

Jerome-sur-le-toitThe Band Office of Whapmagoostui accepts the challenge!


Following the request of our client – the Band Office of Whapmagoostui – to connect several external offices to the main building in order to access its centralized computer resources, our IT Technician Jerome Bossert first conducted a field study. He identified the best technology to efficiently connect the offices and to withstand the climate conditions of the Canadian Great North.


He chose Ubiquiti, an efficient and fast technology which can bridge several miles (depending the ground) of distance between the buildings and is made to fit the northern climate and to resist to wind and cold.


If you need to extend your network to other offices (garage, youth center, childcare center…) while centralizing your computer resources in one location, we can help you and set up an efficient broadband wireless network for you!