Recycling in Nemaska

Recyclage NemaskaSince I noticed last year that old computers and IT equipment piled up (will say unusable or broken devices) I decided to contact many organisations to find out how these parts could be recycled.

Unfortunately the price to pay was far too high. Recycling does not only help the environment, it also allows to regain valuable materials. If a citizen want to assume this responsibility for the environment that should not be complicated further more through high charges.

After much research and greatly helped by Matthew Tanoush, the Nemaska environmental officer, we found a small company in Val-d'Or that would accept to recycle the collected parts at no charge.

Today the Band Office of Nemaska is at its third collection of unused and unusable IT equipment.  Matthew Tanoush occasionally brings the old parts to Val-d’Or and we are very grateful for this help in an important matter. Thank you, Matthew!

(by Stéphane)