Modern and interactive web projects to support our clients

A new website for the Kativik Regional Government

We are actually creating a web portal for the Kativik Regional Government (KRG) under Joomla! The website will promote the services provided by KRG to the people of Nunavik as well as reporting on local news, job offers within KRG and in all Nunavik organizations, and helping people finding what they are looking for.

Joomla! is very INTERACTIVE: web administrator(s) will be able to post easily job ads and update a business directory, for we build data bases within the website which are very convenient for updating the information. This is really a good tool for all kind of users: web administrators and web visitors! 

The website will represent the Inuit community so we hope it will be well identified and that the people will made it belonging to them! We wish to offer them a website which looks like them!


A new website for the Cree First Nation of Waswanipi

The Cree First Nation of Waswanipi has been for a long time without website, though all the Cree Communities have their own one now. So the time came for Waswanipi to get its own too!

Waswanipi mandated Soleica to create its website and we are very proud to promote the Cree community through this project as much as we are proud to promote the Inuit community. The website will use Joomla! as well.

As written above, Joomla! is very INTERACTIVE. For the website of Waswanipi we will use tools like video, photos and sounds, for we will put a film video online as well as different thematic photo galleries and soundtracks for specific sections. It should made the people want to discover or re-discover Waswanipi! 

More than everything, we promote the culture of its people and we are very happy to get the chance to spend time with and among them to get closely of their hearts, and to be able to translate the spirit of Waswanipi into a great website!